5 Reasons to Switch to the New Window and Door Software: Diamant

5 Reasons to Switch to the New Window and Door Software: Diamant

A peek into some of the features available in our new sales software.

Someone once said, “All good things must come to an end.” However, in this case, it is to make way for something bigger, better, and more powerful!

The Mec-Inov team has listened to their client’s feedback, performed multiple industry analyses, and has been tirelessly working on a solution that will revolutionize the window and door industry: Diamant. This new sales software will help you streamline tasks, save time and will allow you to be more efficient. There are countless ways in which Diamant will help you daily, but here are five that we know you’ll enjoy!

#1: Quote Versions

It’s now possible to create multiple versions of a quote, all within the same quote. Versions are created to avoid double-entry and to regroup information. This means you can have everything centralized and easily accessible. New versions of a quote can be created from scratch or copied from an existing version. This new feature allows you to easily compare products and options while saving time. It is even possible to move products between the versions of a quote, allowing for nearly limitless possibilities to answer your window and door quoting needs!

#2: Simplified Quote Modification

Gone are the days where you need to tediously review every question in a recipe to make one basic modification to a product. The new simplified modification tool allows you to choose the exact question you would like to modify in a recipe and make your desired change in one click. Our smart-technology will automatically evaluate if your modification impacts any other recipe questions. If changes are indeed needed, you will be prompted to edit all impacted selections. This quote modification solution is guaranteed to save you time and patience!

#3: Simplified Product Assembly

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to assemble your window and door products? Well, wish no more! The new and improved assembly function has been moved to the product creation window. Once you have finished creating a product, complete your assembly right away. Our new intuitive steps will guide you through the assembly process to ensure your products respect the standards and limits of your company. To ensure consistency throughout your assembly, options will be pre-completed based on the recipe selections of the initial products in your assembly. For example, glass type, frame height or width, and much more!

#4: Real-Time 3D Images 

Our 3D product visualization has long been a popular feature while creating quotes. However, we have taken it a step further. While completing a product recipe, you will now visualize the changes you make to the product in real-time. This includes product dimensions, colours, glass types, openings, and much more!

#5: Customizable Software

We understand that every company is unique and operates differently. This is why we have added considerably to the customizations you can make to our software, ensuring you are able to work the way you want. You now have complete control over the printing formats of your quotes, including adding custom reports and annexes. The language preferences of the software have been modified so you can choose to work in your preferred language or that of your client. Increased statistical analysis and access control are also among the many features you can customize!

Bonus: New Interface

A considerable amount of time has been spent analyzing the way our clients work in order to create the most efficient workflow for the window and door industry. With this knowledge, we created a new and intuitive interface that is built to streamline tasks, save time and overall, help you work better!

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