Table élévatrice basculante pour portes et fenetres | Automatic Tilt Transfer Table

Tilting and Lifting Table

The ergonomic and adjustable assembly table represents an optimal solution for efficient and effortless product assembly in industrial environments.

Our unit streamlines the movement of products between vertical and horizontal positions, enhancing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. Workers can maintain a comfortable posture without the need to bend or stretch excessively, contributing to a safer and more ergonomic work environment. Additionally, the open-center design of the table allows for seamless work inside it, which is especially useful for inspection or adjustment tasks.

The precision engineering and robust construction of our lifting table ensure reliability and long-term durability, making it an indispensable asset in modern production.

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Advantages of the tilting and lifting table:

  • Easy movement between vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Open center for more flexibility.
  • Allows operators to work in a comfortable position.
  • Reduces the risk of work-related injuries.

Features of the tilting and lifting table:

  • Adjustable frame size (standard: 84 inches wide x 81 inches high).
  • 0° to 90° tilt controlled by hydraulic power.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Multiple surface finishes available: mat, PVC, roller platform.

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