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Automated Measuring Stop – MecStop

Improve your productivity with our automated measuring stop, Mec-Stop.

Our automated measuring unit, MecStop, eliminates manual measurement operations and the associated risk of errors. It’s a measuring tool that increases the precision of your cutting, drilling, or punching operations.

MecStop, is easy to use. Its touch interface allows the operator to enter operations in inches or millimeters when the stop is used in manual mode. In automatic mode, the automated measuring device MecStop can be paired with a cutting, drilling, or punching software to further facilitate the operator’s work.

The automated measuring stop can also be paired with Mec-Inov’s Opti-Coupe® software, which optimizes the use of raw material during cutting operations. This way, you can reduce your losses to 2% – 3% and maximize the use of your materials.

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Advantages of our automated measuring stop “MecStop”:

  • 0.004-inch accuracy.
  • Automatic mode: Works with pre-programmed cutting lists.
  • Manual mode: Operator’s decision.
  • Memory for pre-programmed cutting lists: Can store up to 179 cutting lists with 16 operations.
  • Applications: Cutting, Drilling, Punching.

Features of our automated measuring stop “MecStop”:

  • Travels: 3′ and 28′ as needed.
  • Dimensions: Travel +21” x 3.75” x 4.75”.
  • Power Supply: 110 VAC, 15 A.
  • Motor type: AC servo 400 W with encoder.
  • Drive: Toothed belt.
  • Repeatability: ±0.004 in.
  • Speed: 15 in/s to 180 in/s.
  • Display: Touchscreen.
  • Serial interface: Yes.
  • Available I/O: 7 24V DC outputs & 11 inputs available.
  • Pushing mechanism of different lengths/shapes available on request.
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