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Automated Jamb Extension Station

Discover Mec-Inov’s Automated jamb extension station, the essential equipment for window manufacturers seeking optimal production. Increase the productivity of your cutting and finishing operations with this innovative equipment, which will save you valuable time on your production line.

Our unit quickly cuts any edges to the desired length and width, thanks to the combination of an automated cutting saw and a synchronized saw bench. This revolutionary approach allows a single operator to simultaneously perform cutting and finishing operations, for maximum efficiency. In addition, the equipment is designed to cut and finish two pieces at once, thus allowing substantial savings in time and resources.

With Mec-Inov’s Opti-Coupe® software, included with the machine, you can optimize the use of your raw materials and scraps, thus reducing your waste to 2% – 3%. You can also identify each cut piece thanks to a label printing software, thus facilitating the subsequent assembly and raw material inventory stages.

Don’t wait any longer to improve your productivity and profitability: choose Mec-Inov’s today.

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Advantages of automated Jamb extension station:

  • Improved accuracy.
  • Increased productivity by at least 200%.
    • One operator can handle the cutting and edging operations.
    • IAutomatic adjustment of cutting lengths and widths.
    • ICut and edge two pieces at a time.
  • Reduced raw material waste by 2% – 3%.
  • Easy-to-use equipment – quick and easy staff training.

Features of automated jamb extension work station:

  • Automated cut-off saw with a 16-foot Mecstop, a 16-foot infeed table and a 8-foot outfeed table.
  • Automated table saw with 9-foot MecFence, 9-foot infeed table and 8-foot outfeed table.
  • Mec-Inov Opti-Coupe® software.
  • Label printing software.
  • U or S arrangement according to customer preferences

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