For over 30 years, Mec-Inov has distinguished itself with its originality in the development of applications in the fields of medicine, window and doors, injected plastic mouldings, automated production, and quality control with cameras. When designing equipment, Mec-Inov recommends the use of quality equipment to ensure greater reliability. In addition, safety is always at the forefront in the development of our equipment.




Mec-Inov is composed of a dynamic team who are attentive to the needs of their clients. Our acheivements have allowed us to acquire a solid expertise in the manufacturing field. We design and manufacture reliable, precise, and robust machines.






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Starting with an idea, our team ca validate the concepts, design the plans, create a prototype, program the applications, complete the trials, and implement the machine in your factory.


Here are a few of our capabilities:





- Mechanic design

- Electric panel design

- Pneumatic and hydraulic design

- PLC programing

- Application programming

- Electrical wiring

- Machining (conventional)

- Integration and internal testing












Technical Support


Specialized in the field of production equipment, our team responds to your reparation, modification, and installation needs.


- Parts replacement

- Machining of molds

- Maintenance services

- Machine problem resolution



Mec-Inov inc. 8880 blvd Guillaume-Couture, Levis (Quebec) CANADA Tel.: (418) 833-8815