For over 30 years, Mec-Inov has distinguished itself with its originality in the development of applications in the fields of medicine, window and doors, injected plastic mouldings, automated production, and quality control with cameras. When designing equipment, Mec-Inov recommends the use of quality equipment to ensure greater reliability. In addition, safety is always at the forefront in the development of our equipment.






MecStop allows for quick and accurate measurements when positioning your pieces.

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Automated Angular Saw


This machine is used to cut pieces of wood, pvc and aluminum at angles of -77 to 77 degrees. With the help of a MecStop, you can have a precision of +/- 1mm on cutting length and +/- 0.25 degrees on cutting angles.


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 Automated Jamb Extension Station


  This principle only requires a single operator to cut and edge.


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Automated Cut-Off Saw


This machine cuts pvc covered pine boards to different lengths.


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Automated Bench Saw 


This machine automates your current bench saw so the width of the positioning and the push to pass the pieces under the saw blade are automatic.


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Lifting Table


This table allows you to lift your doors and windows


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Rotating Table


 This table allows for the shift from a vertical to a horizontal position.


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MecStop Table


This table is generally used with our Mecstop. It is useful at the beginning or the end of stations, such as cutting, piercing, etc.


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