For over 30 years, Mec-Inov has distinguished itself with its originality in the development of applications in the fields of medicine, window and doors, injected plastic mouldings, automated production, and quality control with cameras. When designing equipment, Mec-Inov recommends the use of quality equipment to ensure greater reliability. In addition, safety is always at the forefront in the development of our equipment.




It?s thanks to this technology that Mec-Inov took form in 1985. This simulator allows you to see the trajectory of a neurological tool in three dimensions throughout the blood cells of the brain. Realised in 1988, this process was a revolutionary breakthrough in the medical field because it was a new method of surgical intervention. Mec-Inov is proud to have been the first to program and design the equipment which made it possible to apply the results of several years of research.







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