For over 30 years, Mec-Inov has distinguished itself with its originality in the development of applications in the fields of medicine, window and doors, injected plastic mouldings, automated production, and quality control with cameras. When designing equipment, Mec-Inov recommends the use of quality equipment to ensure greater reliability. In addition, safety is always at the forefront in the development of our equipment.


Automated Machines

Mec-Inov does many types of automation, whether it be with new or used machines. All of these projects allow you to transform a manual machine into an automated machine. The advantage of the automation is the added precision, speed, and functions on an existing machine for the fraction of the price of new equipment.


Here are some of our achievements in automation: 

-          Garage door production line

-          Exterior door production line

-          Piercing machine (Behrens)

-          Saw feeder with machining center

-          Door breaking machine

-          Two headed saws

-          Door hinger (Langley)

-          Pick and place

-          Robot conveyor

-          Latcher (Langley)

-          Glue conveyor

-          Various robots with presses

-          Robot feeder

-          Object classification using camera


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Automation examples















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