Window and Door Solution
- Quotes / Orders
- After Sales Service
- Products Configuration
- Production Planning
- Pre-Production
- Production
- Production Tracking
- Shipment


Our software was created for companies of all sizes because it is adaptable to the specific needs of each client. Continuous updating is possible to allow new and existing windows to be customized. Our products are can sync directly with your existing accounting system. 

It is important to highlight that our software is easy-to-use, fast, and flexible. They are offered in French and English, accessible online and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

:: Quotes / Orders

The quality of a quote is measured by the precision with which the client?s needs can be met, while providing a fair price. With our quote and order software, you can present a hassle-free estimate thanks to the software?s precise evaluation of your capacity to complete an order, and the detailing of your manufacturing time and cost. Therefore, when your sales representatives indicate a price, they are certain you are able to produce at this cost.

This software includes the following applications:

- Quotes for windows, steel doors, and products for distribution
- Series of questions to answer for each product
- Scaled, real-time drawings of windows and doors
- Confirmation of options and dimensions
- Address delivery management for clients
- Discount management
- Client management (prospects and clients)
- Quote creation based on a previous quote
- Printing formats for quotes (summary, detailed with drawing)
- Turning a quote into an order in just one click
- Online order transfers

:: After Sales Service

The after sales service is an option that can be integrated with the quote order software. This option has been created to facilitate your after sales services while diminishing the response time for this service.

This option allows you to:
- Quickly sync a service call to a manufactured product
- Manage the pieces to order
- Present a complete description of a problem
- Schedule a day by service truck
:: Products Configuration

The product configuration software offers a great amount of flexibility. With this software, you can determine all the components of a product, decide which components to manage in your inventory, and allocate these components among the correct equipment. On top of this, the software gives you the possibility to define how you will calculate your costs.

:: Production Planning

By reducing the delay between the reception of an order and the delivery of the product, you are able to offer an excellent service to your clientele. In order to maximise the efficiency of your production, it is important to have a comprehensive plan. To ensure optimum planning, we have developed a revolutionary software which considers the capacity of your production and the desired delivery dates of your clients. One of the remarkable properties of this software is that it allows you to confirm delivery dates based on the capacity of your production, manufacturing delays, buying delays, and your delivery calendar.

This software has the following characteristics:

- Calendar of your business days
- Definition of capacity for each production line
- Ordering of raw material
- Ordering of thermos
- Verification of raw material before production
- Batch sequential production for each production line
- Management of painted products

:: Pre-Production

- Creation of production batches
- Creation of the documents for equipment (welder, saw)
- Printing for thermos, shapes, and mosquito net orders
- Printing of cutting lists
- Printing of labels
:: Production

Our solution has several applications allowing you to automate your production in accordance to your set up. In combination with our cutting optimiser, you are able to better control the loss of your raw material. This software has proved itself over the last decade and is compatible in various configurations. It is perfectly suited for small, medium, or large sized businesses.

Our optimization software has the following characteristics:

- Diminishes the loss of raw material up to 1%
- «Simulation» or «Real» modes
- Efficient management of leftover material
- Compatibility with several saw brands
   (Sturtz, Urban, Joseph, Wegoma, Pro-Line, Machineries Lauzon, ProtoMach, etc.)
- Compatibility with several stops (MecStop, Tiger-Stop, etc.)

:: Production Tracking

Our software allows you to track the evolutions of your production in real time. This allows you to give a prompt and accurate reply to clients? inquiries about their orders. In the case of a problem during the construction of an item, you are immediately informed. The software is programmed to send an error message so you can quickly identify and fix the problem.

Our software has the following characteristics:

- Real time tracking with barcode scanners
- Real time tracking by production line (very visual)
- Back order management
- Production statistics by product chain
- Back order statistics (causes and frequencies)

:: Shipment

Our software facilitates the planning and shipping of your products by offering you a simplified list of your orders. Visual aids can be added, such as icons for each phase of your shipment planning, or a colour for each phase of an order. These methods allow you to easily visualise the orders ready to ship and simplify the answering of your clients? questions regarding orders in production.

This software has the following characteristics:

- Load planning in relation to delivery routes
- Easily determine loading order
- Delivery calendar
- Loading dock management
- Use of barcodes
- Confirmation of loaded products
- Automatic creation of delivery commands according to the actual loading
- Effective warehouse product management
- Management of returned merchandise
- Back ordered and late delivery management
- Creation of a delivery routes

On top of this, the module has been specifically created for use at the loading docks. With a simplified view, it allows you to load a truck based on a specific order, prints the delivery commands based on the actual loading, and even accepts returned merchandise.

This module also offers the following options:

- Barcode reading of loaded items
- Management of non-installed options
- Delivery route printing

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